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Mont Batur


Mount Batur is the most famous volcano of the island and culminates at 1717 meters of altitude. It is however not the largest. It is the mount Agung which has the first place. It is more practiced because it is less difficult and offers a breathtaking view of the sunset and Mount Agung.


Mount Batur volcano is in the Kintamani highlands in the north-eastern part of the island of Bali.


A private driver picks you up at the hotel at 1am for Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Jimbaran, 1:30am in Sanur and 2am Ubud. Most of the tours offer a breakfast before going up to have something to eat. Ask about it, it is important. The arrival at the foot of the mountain is at 3h-3h30, a guide will be assigned to you. He distributes flashlights to each member of the group and the ascent can begin. 

Once at the parking lot, you will be met by your driver who will take you back to your hotel or take you to another activity such as hot spring bathing if it is included in your tour.

Some say that it is possible to climb the mount without a guide, but it may be complicated, and you will have to use stratagem. That’s why we recommend you take a guide. We did not regret it.

You will climb for two hours. It’s not particularly difficult but you’ll be sweating anyway. In the dark we don’t see time passing. And at 6 o’clock you are already at the top to admire the sunrise and discover all the landscapes that surround you.

A breakfast is provided on arrival. 

You will come down with your guide more slowly. Our guide took the time to show us all the craters that have been active recently. A great time.


The best time to hike Mount Batur volcano is the dry season. Roughly, May to October, but any other dry period can be a good time. During the rainy season, hiking can be dangerous as slips can occur or the rocks can be slippery.

How much?

Prices may vary depending on the location of your residence and if activities 

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