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Living in Bali without a motorbike

Living in Bali without a motorbike in Bali is possible and some people choose alternative modes of transportation for their day-to-day activities. Here are some considerations for living in Bali without a motorbike:

  1. Public Transportation: Bali has a limited public transportation system, but options like taxis, ride-hailing services (such as Grab or Gojek), and app-based transportation can be utilized for getting around the island. These services are readily available in popular tourist areas and larger towns.
  2. Bicycle: Bali’s relatively small size and warm climate make cycling a viable option for short-distance commuting or leisurely rides. Many areas in Bali have bicycle lanes, and renting or owning a bicycle can provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to navigate the local area.
  3. Walking: Depending on your location and lifestyle, walking may be a practical choice for daily activities. Living in central areas or neighborhoods with amenities within walking distance can make getting around on foot convenient and enjoyable.
  4. Scooter Taxis: If you occasionally need to travel short distances or run errands, scooter taxis known as “ojeks” can be a convenient option. These are motorbike taxis where you ride as a passenger behind the driver. Ojeks are commonly found in Bali and can be hailed from the roadside or booked through ride-hailing apps.
  5. Car Rental: For longer trips, exploring remote areas, or transporting larger items, renting a car can be a suitable option. Car rentals are widely available in Bali, and you can choose from various vehicle types to suit your needs. However, keep in mind that traffic and parking can be challenging in busier areas.
  6. Shared Rides: Bali has a growing community of carpooling and ride-sharing platforms that connect drivers and passengers traveling in the same direction. Utilizing these services can provide an affordable and social way to get around Bali while reducing transportation costs.
  7. Hiring Drivers: Another option is hiring a driver for specific trips or on a regular basis. This can be particularly useful for individuals who prefer not to drive or require transportation for longer distances, such as airport transfers or day trips.

It’s important to note that the availability and convenience of alternative transportation options can vary depending on your location in Bali. In tourist areas and larger towns, you will find more transportation choices, while in more remote or rural areas, options may be more limited. Consider your daily needs, proximity to amenities, and personal preferences when deciding whether living without a motorbike is suitable for you in Bali.

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