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Kelingking Nusa Penida


Kelingking Beach is a well-kept natural gem in Nusa Penida. The scenery from the cliff top is breathtaking.


Kelingking Beach is a secluded and picturesque beach located in the village of Bunga Mekar, on the southwest coast of Nusa Penida Island.


As on most of Nusa Penida, the roads are in very poor condition. Hire a scooter and don’t forget to ask for a helmet, then head to Kelingking Beach. Even though the roads are very bad, the green landscape is beautiful (especially after the rainy season).


Never forget that Nusa Penida is primarily a tourist island and that hotels organise daily tours of the island. The advantage is that most of the places on their tours are never visited before 10am. This gives you plenty of time to get here before that time. If you are not a morning person, come in the evening from 5pm, which is usually the time when the guides take the tourists back to their hotels. However, it is not advisable to come in the middle of the afternoon because of the intense heat.

How much?

For your information, the parking at the top of the cliff is not free. It costs 5,000 rupees, or about 30 cents, to park there.

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