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About Us

Our Story

As inhabitants of Bali, the first day we realized that to have a motorbike here is absolutely a must. You can’t have a normal life here without a bike. I would even say that it’s more important than the accommodation. 

Unfortunately, when we tried to buy a brand new bike for us from the dealer -as a foreigners-, we faced some many difficulties and so many headaches that we decided to quit. It’s actually easier to lease a land than buying a motorcycle.

Then when we decided to go for a rental units we faced challenges too. On one hand we found the big companies offering very nice brand new bikes whose business model is the daily or short-term rent, so when you calculate monthly or yearly it becomes terribly expensive. Especially for those of us who needed two bikes at home like us. On the other hand, we found a local cheap market where the bikes were older than us and not safe at all. Our idea was born.

Our idea

We tried to find what we had at home, a vehicle leasing company, but we could not find anything similar. More than one decade ago, we did not own our vehicles, we just used a vehicle-as-a-service and had a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription with a reasonable monthly fee which included the use of the car, registration, service, insurance, plate, taxes and so on.

Owning a motorbike in Bali was so old fashioned as buying a DVD or CD in the West. Who is stocking piles of discs at home? Nobody. We prefer to pay a monthly subscription to Netflix or Spotify. So here it was the seed of our business.

We wanted to become the Netflix of motorbikes in Bali


No fixed term. No bullshit.


The new way to own. Welcome to the pay-per-use era.

We buy. You rent.

Choose any bike you like from the market. Be fanciful and enjoy the pink bike you have always dreamed.

Amelia Christanti


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